News - Sarbacane Software announces a round of financing from Ardian

Sarbacane Software is about to launch the sixth version of its emailing solution, a release that marks a turning point compared to their previous versions.

This new version, presented in September 2017 at the Paris Retail Week trade show, includes many advances, positioning itself in particular on the marketing automation market. Among other things, users will be able to:

  • Use the solution via a web browser or a desktop app whether they are on a Mac or PC;
  • Create SMS campaigns using the Rich Message format that allows you to send interactive content for the cost of an SMS;
  • Orchestrate automatic campaign scenarios based on recipient behavioral analysis.

With this new version, Mathieu Tarnus and his team propose a more complete offer to their customers in order to seduce companies in France and abroad.

A few words from Mathieu Tarnus, CEO and founder of Sarbacane Software:

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"We have invested a lot of our own money over the past three years. To accelerate our development, it was important to be accompanied by a partner capable of understanding the challenges of international growth as well as those related to the expansion of a SaaS publisher's product offering. Given its track record and entrepreneurial approach, the Ardian Growth team was the natural partner for us.

To learn more, please read the press release.

About us

Created in 2001, Sarbacane Software has become, in 15 years, one of the leaders in emailing and digital marketing in France and in Europe.
Headed by Mathieu Tarnus, the company is located in Hem near Lille but also has offices in Barcelona and New York. It has 80 employees and more than 10,000 customers worldwide.
Sarbacane Software, in permanent growth, aims to reach the €20M mark within 3 years and to be at the top of the podium in the sector on the European scene.


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