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Sideproject : A newsletter for Techmeme, all the technological news in your mailbox

Dear readers, I present you the latest Badsender, TechSender!

You probably don't know me, as this is the first article I'm writing on the Badsender blog (well... the 2nd one to be exact, but the first one was discreet!). So before I get to the heart of the matter, let me introduce myself! I joined the Badsender team last year in November as part of a work-study program for a marketing project manager (and web design for those of you who know me).

Like you, I like to check out the tech news on, which lists all the news from Silicon Valley.

Evolving in the world of emailing for almost 10 months now, I quickly noticed that this communication channel is not used by Techmeme.

It is thus within the framework of my study project that I took the decision to fill this huge gap! I put on my little glasses and started to set up the project.

The project

In order to allow users to receive news by email, in the easiest and fastest way possible, I created a website in jQuery,, which allows you to subscribe to the newsletter by entering only your email address.

From then on, the registered reader will, thanks to the Techmeme RSS feed included in the body of the email, receive their latest news by email, every 6 hours. But they will only receive the news that have been published after the last email was received (so if no news is published on between 2 emails, the reader will receive nothing).

To do so, I used the automation software ActiveCampaign, which allows to easily integrate an RSS feed in the email and to send it to a contact list.
The most interesting thing here is that it is possible to modulate the elements of the RSS feed (the title, the description, the date, the image, ...) and to define the sending modalities (for example, in our case, we want to display only the new articles).

The project is currently in "BETA" version so don't hesitate to give us your feedbacks!

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