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The deliverability matrix (1.1) presented during EMday is now published


Those who attended the deliverability roundtable during the email marketing day 2017 could see it, we worked collectively to develop a document summarizing (at the moment T) the state of deliverability. This document deals with different topics:

  • Authentication techniques
  • Principles of reputation
  • Blocking thresholds
  • Technical settings
  • Opportunities to receive information from webmails/FAIs
  • And a few other points including the impact of ReturnPath certification

These different topics have been addressed for the webmail/FAI used in France, namely : Orange,, SFR, Free, Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL and we also integrated VadeSecure.

This work is the result of several exchanges with the participants of the round table, and if some points are factual, some others are more opinions or good practices, so it is possible that you have different interpretations.

The EMday team wants to make it a living document, which can evolve according to the news and the confirmation of the main interested parties when it is possible to obtain them. Do not hesitate to contact us (contact details are included in the document) if you have any suggestions for updating.

Oh, yes, the document is published under Creative Commons Attribution License, so feel free to distribute it!

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