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Launch of Badsender's eCRM workshops: inspire you not to be one (of Badsender)!

Many of you responded to our market research and to show us your enthusiasm for this project! After a few more Brainstorming sessions, we've come up with a nice little package that won't go by the sweet name of "Badworkshop", but by the consensual "Badsender eCRM Workshops".

This is not a training course!

In fact, it's the opposite. No Powerpoint presentation (no presentation at all in fact). No internet connection (except for emails during breaks). Plenty of paper and pens to make beautiful drawings. And above all, brains in action.

Our mission: to inspire you!

We start with a blank sheet of paper and when you leave this day, we want you to have 1000 new ideas in your head. You'll get a concrete view of what programs to implement and how to automate your existing programs. Programs that meet your goals, that take into account your specific customer journeys, your data and across your channels.

5 steps to explore your eCRM potential

Wipe the slate clean and imagine that you can start over with unlimited resources! In one day, we will explore your eCRM potential in 5 steps. In the morning, we will recap the environment you are in from the beginning:

  1. Your business model and objectives
  2. The life cycle of your customers and prospects
  3. All data available in your company (and elsewhere)
  4. The eCRM channels you have
  5. The afternoon will be devoted to putting all this back into music.
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