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In bulk, emailing this week: Effectiveness, Trends, Prospects, Mother's Day, Spamhaus


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Improve the efficiency of your commercial emails - Sarbacane

A commercial email presents a new product or proposes a promotional offer. The primary goal: to sell. What do you put in your email to push the recipient to click? The most important thing is to highlight the call-to-action button so that it is recognizable and motivating. To do this, you need to think about the positioning and its form.

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A Look Into Email Marketing Trends for 2013 - Be Relevant!

Email is one of the most profitable marketing channels today. Looking at all the new technology hitting the market it does seem like the sky is the limit. With this new technology comes new consumer expectations, and new email marketing trends.

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How to keep your prospects awake? - Emailing blog

Often when you create your emailings, you probably wonder how you are going to hold your prospects' attention as soon as they open your emailing. Indeed, prospects often take only a few seconds to know if they will read an email or not. On the other hand, the attention of the prospects must be sought on the long term, so as to make the reading of your emailings a habit.

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Are you ready for Mother's Day? - NewsletterMonitor

Mother's Day is an annual holiday celebrated in honor of mothers in many countries. The first traces of it date back to classical Greece during the spring ceremonies in honor of Rhea (or Cybele), the grandmother of the gods and notably mother of Zeus.

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More on the attack against Spamhaus and how you can help - Word to the Wise

While much of the attack against Spamhaus has been mitigated and their services and websites are currently up, the attack is still ongoing. This is the biggest denial of service attack in history, with as much as 300 gigabits per second hitting Spamhaus servers and their upstream links.

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