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In bulk, the e-mail marketing this week ... 100% francophone !


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In this edition, in bulk, Spam (as usual), design (to be or not to be), ReturnPath (Big brother?), a white paper (multi-channel), acquisition (not really performing), Signal Spam (the return of vangeance), a glossary (to read better) and transactional (for the butchery of the future).

Online threats - Tomorrow's mail - An article inspired by several conferences given during the 8th Anti-Spam Summit.

Should my e-mailing have the same design as my website?Sarbacane - So are these emails and other newsletters an extension of your website or a media in its own right?

Email delivery increasingly difficult in Europe - Dolist - New edition of the now traditional ReturnPath study on email deliverability in Europe.

Target fatigue: how relevance-driven cross-channel marketing scenarios lead to personal interactions - Selligent - Jean-Paul De Clerck talks about the white paper "Efficient customer interactions: how to prevent marketing fatigue?" published by Selligent.

The risks and opportunities of email acquisition according to Epsilon International - Email Way - Jérôme Gays summarizes a conference by Frédéric Testard entitled "The risks and opportunities of acquisition emailing".

A new impulse for Signal Spam - Email Way - Signal Spam is a French initiative (public/private partnership) aiming at centralizing the reporting of spam.

Email marketing glossaryKeyanping - Small basic glossary of the emailing world

Traditional emailing is dead, long live transactional emailingSnipemail - 2011 is going to be difficult, it's time to get ready!

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Badsender also animates a training on the subject of HTML development of an email !

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