En vrac, l’eCRM cette semaine : La disparition des scores de réputation en délivrabilité

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oracle-logoThe Demise of the Deliverability Reputation Score

It’s time that we get real about Sender Score and any other attempt at a singular email deliverability reputation score. The concept of a universal number that you watch on a daily basis to judge deliverability is and has been extinct for quite a while. Most of you just don’t know it yet.

The VCR, cassette tapes, CDs, floppy disks, manual transmissions, and not wearing a seat belt are all things that were once common in popular culture. They have been replaced by Netflix, iTunes, The Cloud, and the Tesla. I do hear stories of people who still tape Wheel of Fortune on their VCR’s, and I’ll admit to having a box of CDs somewhere in my attic. But, just because a few people still use these relics doesn’t mean there’s not a more intelligent choice.

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litmus-logoEmail Marketing in the Age of Data Breaches & Tightening Regulations [Video]

Even when it was passed in 2003, the CAN-SPAM Act was considered weak and mocked as sending the signal that “It’s okay. You CAN SPAM.” Much has changed since 2003. Marketing technology has become way more advanced. Marketing volumes have grown multiple times over. And the amount of consumer data at marketers’ fingertips has grown exponentially.

At the same time, large-scale data breaches have become regrettably routine. Online privacy is almost a joke. And the anti-spam and privacy laws of Canada, Europe, and elsewhere are making US laws look downright farcical.

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logo-experianEmail engagement is no exception to mobile rule this holiday

As the holiday season gets underway, it’s quite clear that mobile will play a major role in the consumer experience this year. For example, in our last Holiday Hot Sheet we found that 35 percent of all Website visits came from smartphones or digital tablets during the week ending October 17, 2015. And the number of mobile visits to retail sites is only expected to increase as we get closer to the holiday. Email engagement via mobile is on the rise. Based on October 2015 mailings, we saw that 55 percent of email opens occurred on either mobile phones or tablets. This was an increase from 53 percent seen in October 2014. Multi-channel retailers had the highest percentage, with 63 percent of email opens occurring on either mobile phones or tablets.

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email-expert-logoLitmus Accept $49 MN in Series A Investment

No longer bootstrapped and proud, the startup has taken $49 million dollars in investment. Like many of their peers who followed the bootstrapped philosophy including Github, Campaign Monitor, TechSmith. I always considered it an inevitable eventuality for them, for many however it is a shocking turn of events. Whenever I have proposed they will be one of the next business to take significant investment there has always been a vocal and concerted dismissal of the suggestion.

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email-expert-logoAVARI recommendation engine acquired by LiveIntent

LiveIntent had announced last week the planned acquisition of the ‘AVARI recommendation engine’ product from RetentionGrid Limited in Germany, this now appears to be concluded as it is reported and highlighted on the AVARI.IO website maintained by RetentionGrid.

LiveIntent stated they would use the purchase as a springboard into the German market, as part of the product acquisition some key members of RetentionGrid staff who worked on the AVARI platform would be taken on by LiveIntent. These team members will join LiveIntent and form the crux of operations in Berlin.

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