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En vrac, l’eCRM cette semaine : Pourquoi le web et les emails sont-ils si différents ?


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The Tyranny of Tables: Why Web and Email Design are So Different

Email marketing is a lot of things: a great investment, very personal, hard to do well, and, most importantly, extraordinarily powerful for any business. Behind the beauty and power of email lies something else. For those just getting started with designing and building campaigns, email can be overwhelmingly frustrating and confusing.

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V8 chez MailPerformance : nouvelles fonctions, refonte interface et fort développpement du mining

Le 29 janvier, j’ai été invité à la présentation de la nouvelle version V8 de MailPerformance. Impressionnant travail qui a abouti à une refonte quasi complète de l’interface, à l’ajout de nouvelles fonctions, mais aussi la mise en place de fonctions et prestations de mining / scoring. Sur l’aspect technologique et refonte front office de l’application, j’ai retenu quelques points intéressants.

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Libel Suit Against Spamhaus Moves Forward

Anti-spam outfit Spamhaus is being sued in the UK by two marketers for alleged libel, the Magill Report has learned. The suit was filed in July. After a hearing on Dec. 12 in which Spamhaus moved to have the suit tossed, Justice Mark Warby issued a ruling on Jan. 27 allowing it to move forward. Entrepreneurs Craig Ames and Robert McGee claim, among other things, that last year they were wrongly placed on Spamhaus’s Register of Known Spam Offenders, or ROKSO list, and placed at the top of its Top 10 World’s Worst Spammers list.

Inbox by Gmail is now available for iPad

The invite-only Inbox by Gmail is now available for iPad. You can download Inbox by Gmail for iPad in the iTunes app store here. For those who were already a fan of Inbox by Gmail on their smartphone devices, you can now enjoy the new email client on the big mobile screen.

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