En vrac, l’emailing cette semaine : Warm Up, Changer de routeur, Délivrabilité et Gmail

admail-logoHow to Warm Up a Dedicated IP Address

Email deliverability can be a complex task, but it’s not impossible if you have the right information. Our goal at Admail.net is to ensure that you have all the tools and intelligence available to help your email get delivered. Sometimes, the devil is in the details and many of those details revolve around your IP address. This post will help guide you through the initial sending of email over a new IP address without experiencing delays or delivery failures.

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Slow and Steady: How to launch your new Email Service Provider in stages

If you’re close to finding a new email service provider (ESP), signing the contract and starting to think migration, here’s my advice for you: Go slow. Moving from one ESP to another can be an arduous task. Take the time to do it right so you don’t have any costly surprises when you launch with your new ESP. You can do the migration in stages, looking at it as a series of mini launches. By the time your change over is complete, your work is done and your surprises too.

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Best practices: A Gmail Perspective

At M3AAWG 30 in San Francisco, Gmail representatives presented a session about best practices and what they wanted to see from senders. I came out of the session with a few takeaways.

  • Gmail spends a lot of time and energy on filtering mail and giving the user the absolute best inbox experience possible.
  • Gmail does per-user filtering, probably more than any other ISP out there.
  • Gmail filters are intentionally aggressive.
  • Authentication is important for good delivery at Gmail.

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