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En vrac, les news de l’#emailingCommunity avec de la Customer Journey, des ventes B2B, Gmail sur iOS et des Third-Party Data

Why mobile is no longer in focus – it’s all about the journey Email strategies must recognise users are now constantly moving between devices. Consumers now expect a consistent experience across every device – whether they happen to be using a PC, mobile or tablet. So what can businesses do to improve the customer journey that is gradually blurring between …

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En vrac, les news de l’#emailingCommunity avec des routeurs, des ALT Tags, des levées de fonds et SimplyMarket

Ignoring Usability When Selecting An Email Service Provider Is A Giant Waste Of Money In my years in the email marketing industry, I have seen and used a lot of different ESP interfaces, and I’ve watched them evolve over time into ever more capable technologies as email marketing has grown more sophisticated, but that hasn’t necessarily meant that they’ve grown …

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